Last Feral Snake (Iteration II; installed at Mixed Use Gallery; Minnesota St. Project) :

As a little kid growing up in rural Oregon i was always feet in the dirt catching snakes. as i get older and return there from time to time, i find that the snakes are gone. in this piece, i explore the existential side of perception and how it undetectably shifts under our feet. are the snakes gone because of environmental changes? or have i changed, now over 6' tall, can i just no longer see them because i'm no longer on their level? have i changed or have my surroundings? each hanging ceramic piece, part of a wild and free feral snake, represents shifting identities and perceptions in my life, a reminder to always try and see things from multiple sides.  


Wild Things :

A collaborative dinner put on by Mixed Use Gallery at Minnesota St. Project in San Francisco. Myself and Dana Younkin, head chef of restaurant Boulevard, collaborated to create an original art / culinary experience. Pulling in elements of nature and technology meeting in our SF Bay Area, we wanted to consider the concept of "locality" in both art and food. I created ceramic-based sculptural centerpieces and Dana, a meal of wild and local ingredients.


The Uncanny Valley :

Based on an A.I. / robotics term, the uncanny valley is the moment in synthetic intelligence where something becomes so lifelike that we begin to empathize with it but still not lifelike enough to completely relate—in this valley we are simultaneously attracted and repelled.  this body of ceramic-based sculptures merges synthetic objects, forms, and textures with the corporeal feel of clay to create my own investigation of the uncanny valley. 


After Years of Research, Circles Conceive of the Square :

I love the idea of the future put forth by minds of the past—think Fritz Lang's Metropolis. out of found objects i wanted to make a beacon using a kind of past-future aesthetic that memorialized how we as humans, the circles, have always been working desperately to alter our environment into squares. an homage to the world of synthetic objects of modern convenience made on the back of refuse from past generation's objects of convenience. 


Pucker :

During a time of heavy identity politics and racial tension around the world, this piece is a humorous armistice to our differences and instead focuses on something we all have in common.


Al Jazeera News :