The Voyeurs(Drawing).jpg
The Singer.jpg
Self Portrait (Done SE Canada Coast).jpg
The Bad Hat (You can get away with anything).PNG
Wolves In Wolves Clothing Drawing.jpg
Barn and Vineyard Wash.png
Coffee Cup in a Bowl.jpg
Park Ave. Fountain (Baltimore).jpg
Self Portrait with a fever.jpg
02_The Mirror's Evil Ways.jpg
Copy of an early Gustav Klimt (Wien).png
Cowboy's of Cats.jpg
Frans Hals 'Malle beibe' Copy.jpg
Baltimore Firehydrant.jpg
Holding back the Body.jpg
Holding Back the Mind 2.jpg
Jared 'the face'.PNG
Statue Babies.jpg
Norway Self Portrait.jpg
The Tea Monster.jpg
The Baptism.jpg
The Hand of God 2.jpg
The Mirror's Evil Ways (Detail 2).jpg
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