Born out of frustration with the basic home and office power strips, this concept design is aimed at making a  utility object more user friendly and functional. Rather than a clunky device that's tough to install, wiggles around, and takes up a ton of space, I wanted something elegant and multi-functional. Getting power to our numerous devices should be as simple as asking Alexa or the Google Home. Borrowing ideas from both, this device is frustration free and while charging your devices can play music and light up This wall mounted power strip integrates USB and NEMA outlet ports with a bluetooth speaker and Alexa compatible voice activation. Clip and unclip the whole unit from the wall on a "French cleat" that fixes to the wall and swivel the ball bearing cord to get an elecrical extension anywhere around the house.


A more resolved sketch emerging from countless design iterations.


Preliminary sketches of additional designs.

The initial design went through many iterations before finally emerging in a kind of ovoid shape with outlets on the side and LED portion on the top. 

Materials: Aluminum Casing, LIFX LED, Copper, USB ports, NEMA-5-15R Outlets, 316L Stainless Steel