Currently in pre-design phase, "Light Cloud" is the most recent project I have been involved with at Future Cities Lab. It is a six part lighting installation that improves the aesthetics and safety of a walking path in Oakland. With this project we are challenged to create the feeling of light and air in an underpass while producing something durable, safe, and long lasting. My current role is to strategize and make preliminary fabrication designs that will be the road map that will allow us to bring the concept design into the real world with nuts and bolts. Currently, using rhino 3D to model out the individual components and aspects of the space that will allow me to make decisions about materials to being pricing and sourcing them. The challenge at this stage is to design with all thing considered like earthquakes, vandal's baseball bats, or the extremes of every season; all while maintaining a strong and illuminating aesthetic. 

Oakland Model Snapshot.jpg