moment of conception:

after being the sperm donor for lesbian friends, I created a body of photographs that creatively explores my own idea of what the moment of conception must be like. the cast lines represent the planning and coordinated intention involved in the donation process.



referencing biological processes in the body, this series uses chia seeds as a stand in to explore egg and sperm, how i image selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to function as well as the formation of neural pathways in the brain. 


the old future:

living in portland, i pretended i was the last human on earth—i would catch the water-towers following me through streets—ineffectually hiding behind trees and houses like friendly giants, they wanted to make contact but were too shy.  


Chemosynthesis I: 

as opposed to photosynthesis. very deep-sea tubeworms live completely independent of the sun by converting hydrogen gas from thermal vents to usable energy—I made this body of work merging fact and imagination to create a scene that reflects the colors of such creatures and the warms and cools of such an organic/inorganic process. 


chemosynthesis II:

thinking more about environments foreign to mammals and most life on earth—i made this series to reflect the deep sea thermal vents that feed the chemosynthetic tube worms. i used chia seed and strobe lighting to create a mars-like foreign atmosphere that I imagine reflects the vents in these deep parts of the ocean.


for mammals: 

commissioned by Palm Spring's residents, this wholly synthetic environment (down to the acrylic grass) is meant as a place of leisure for humans, mammals. nowhere i have experienced brings nature and artificiality to a head quite like Palm Springs—an artificial oasis in the middle of the desert.