Moment of Conception

After being a sperm donor for friends, I created a body of photographs that explores the moment of conception by painting with oil on water. I cast lines of light over the compositions to represent our intentionality over this biological moment. 




This series of photographs uses Chia Seeds to visually represent my love of psychology and fascination with how our brains function. the central image below shows how different centers of the brain fire given different stimuli.  The two purple images explore SSRI's or medication that modulates Serotonin levels.  They were exhibited at the De Young Museum in San Francisco as part of a group exhibition in 2016. 


For Mammals: 

I'm fascinated by places that are pleasurable and also entirely artificial. As mammals you'd think we'd be turned off by synthetic grass and chlorinated pools yet Palm Springs is one of my favorite places to relax. 


Slow Build:

Things like stalactites are a kind of visual representation of time. Everything moves fast in the day to day so when I come across something that can only be accomplish with build up over time, I'm stopped and enjoy thinking about the larger narrative of time. This series is about deposits that build to something fantastic that can't be reached any other way that plodding on over time.


Chemosynthesis II:

Thinking more about environments foreign to mammals and most life on earth—i made this series to reflect the deep sea thermal vents that feed the chemosynthetic tube worms. i used chia seed and strobe lighting to create a mars-like foreign atmosphere that I imagine reflects the vents in these deep parts of the ocean.