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POWER-LIGHT-SPEAKER easily allows you to charge your phone, your computer, and other devices while setting the mood with an RGB voice activated light and integrated speaker system. It features a “wiggle-proof” cleat that holds perfectly to a wall or table to alleviate the struggle of plugging and unplugging with two hands.


Born out of frustration with the basic home and office power strips, this concept project is a labor of love that turns a cumbersome utility that clutters a room into a cross functional pleasure to have around.


Process sketch


Design Objectives:

  • MAKE POWER STRIPS EASY TO MOUNT. Wireless power is the future but until then, I'm tired of power strips that are near impossible to fix to a wall by aligning two screws that they don't come with and barely hold the it to the wall making it necessary to use to hands to unplug something.


  • STOP RUINING THE FUN SHUI OF A ROOM. Make them nice on the eyes. Beautiful finishes, subtle details, creative colors, making them nice would go a long way. I love my LifX Alexa voice activated night lights. I love my voice activated speakers. They both just sit off in the corner right night to my power strips. Why not combine these options int a compact unit that is an asset to a room not an eyesore?


  • WiFi ROUTERS SUCK. LETS FIX THAT WITH INTEGRATION. The oh-so ugly WiFi router sits on the same cold rung in my book ugly stuff in a home or office. By connecting this device online and activating it via your internet provider it function as a WiFi tranciever.