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POWER-LIGHT-SPEAKER easily allows you to charge your phone, your computer, and other devices while setting the mood with an RGB voice activated light and integrated speaker system. It features a “wiggle-proof” cleat that holds perfectly to a wall or table to alleviate the struggle of plugging and unplugging with two hands.


Born out of frustration with the basic home and office power strips, this concept project is a labor of love that turns a cumbersome utility that clutters a room into a cross functional pleasure to have around.


Development sketches

Process sketch


Design Objectives:

  • MAKE POWER STRIPS EASY TO MOUNTWireless power is the future but until then, I'm tired of power strips that are near impossible to fix to a wall by aligning two screws that they don't come with and barely hold the it to the wall making it necessary to use to hands to unplug something.  


  • STOP RUINING THE FUN SHUI OF A ROOM. Make them nice on the eyes. Beautiful finishes, subtle details, creative colors, making them nice would go a long way. I love my LifX Alexa voice activated night lights. I love my voice activated speakers. They both just sit off in the corner right night to my power strips. Why not combine these options int a compact unit that is an asset to a room not an eyesore?  


  • WiFi ROUTERS SUCK. LETS FIX THAT WITH INTEGRATION. The oh-so ugly WiFi router sits on the same cold rung in my book ugly stuff in a home or office. By connecting this device online and activating it via your internet provider it function as a WiFi tranciever. 

Materials and Techniques:

CNC milled aluminum shell and speaker faceplate that is dye anodize for colorway options. The cord is rayon coated for the option of patters and colors. The plug head is on a ball bearing that allows the device to easily rotate any direction for use as an extension cord as well to plug in the hard to reach vacuum or iron for a sec. The mounting plate (french cleat) is anodized aluminum to match the body and comes with counter-sunk holes and hardware for easy installation on a wall or desk. The whole unit slides onto this "french cleat" via a recessed cavity on the back of the unit which holds it secure from moving up or down and central groove that slats in to also stop lateral movement. On top is a 60% opacity UV stable acrylic diffuser covering an RGB spectrum LED light that is adjustable by voice or downloadable phone/desktop application. Too boot, this power strip links to your internet provider enable its WiFi transceiver.